Wild Lives: Helping Save Scotland’s Red Squirrels


The 24th September – 1st October 2017 was Red Squirrel Awareness Week in the UK. Like the past couple of years, I got involved on social media by sharing some of my red squirrel images and some fun facts to keep you all entertained.

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram and below.


Red squirrels are struggling against habitat loss, disease and competition from the larger greys.  I haven’t met a person yet who doesn’t like a wee red squirrel, I mean, how can you resist? But few of them were aware just how easy it is to get involved and help save this species.

This year I wanted to do more than just share facts. Education is vital to successful conservation efforts but so is action. As part of my ethical rebrand for my businesses, I’ve long dreamt of finding ways to support conservation charities and “give back” to the animals I’m capturing in images.

Strong imagery helps engage people with conservation efforts. It slows the monotonous scroll through social media and the right image provokes action. I’m delighted to announce that I’m donating some of my red squirrel images to the Scottish Wildlife Trust and their Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels campaign to help encourage people to get involved with their projects.

Saving Scotlands Red Squirrels logo

I’m also going to be volunteering myself and lending a hand with their work in the field during spring next year as well as finding other ways to support this brilliant organisation from my often remote locations.

But there’s still more I felt I could do as a small business. Giving back and supporting charities has always been important to me. It’s key to my mission and aims. Wildlife photography is hugely competitive and while I’d love to win competitions and run exhibitions one day, I also want to make sure that my impact is more than simply pretty images on notecards and on walls.

I want to help.

I want to make a difference.

So, from now on, for every red squirrel image I sell (in print, gift item or otherwise), 20% of the profit will be donated to Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels via the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

As soon as they are available on my website, I’ll let you all know! And then you can feel great about purchasing from a small business AND helping the squirrels!

I’m so excited about this I can barely contain it!

Don’t forget there are other ways you can get involved too. Check them out here.


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